Testimonials from some of our customers:

Grimes and Associates, INC.
Sep. 2003

Dear Randy:                                                                    

For three weeks I suffered with an outrageous fly infestation problem in my home office. We're not talking a few flies here and there, we're talking a hundred or more flies that I sprayed with Hot Shot and vacuumed up each and every day. No matter what I did, or where I looked for their entry point into my house, I could not locate the source of infestation. Exasperated, I asked you for your help.
First, you performed a thorough search of the exterior of my home. You then lifted tiles throughout the drop ceiling of my basement, thinking you were going to find a dead mouse or rat. Instead, you found the source of my problem.
You located a space between the floor of my garage and the basement wall that was large enough for maggots to enter. The maggots were born in my Herbie Curbie, parked in my garage. They apparently wiggled their way into the space in the wall and matured into flies in my basement. Now that the space has been filled with caulk, my fly infestation is but a nightmare of the past. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Best Regards,

Maureen Grimes

Reade Chiropractic Clinic
March 10, 2003

Dear Randy,                                                                    

I want to commend you on the excellent pest control you have provided for my home and business.
I would like to especially comment on the once a year program you recommended for our home. We haven't seen any pest this winter and it really has been wet which, a lot of times, brings in the bugs. Also it was very good for our cat. In the past when we have had the house treated the cat gets sick. With your once a year treatment it never affected the cat, which is great for the humans to.
Your recommendation of once a month spraying at our office has been excellent. After the first spraying we never saw a live pest in the office and after the second month we haven't seen a dead pest. This is great because we are located in a stril mall and have businesses on both sides of us.
Your personalized service and expertise in the pest control business is refreshing it this modern day of insincerity and shallowness.
I highly recommend you to everyone I come in contact that wants or needs pest control.
Randy thank you for the warm personalized service that is Legacy Pest Control.


Barry C. Reade, DC, CCE

Your Gifted Basket, Inc.
January 14, 2004

Dear Randy,

Thank you for the excellent service you and your Lagacy Pest Control crew Provide!

Over the past several years, we have enjoyed the effectiveness of your once-a-year pest control service for our home.  Only once have we has to call between treatments, and you responded quickly.

The quarterly service you have provided to us at our business over this past year has been outstanding as well.  It is imperative that our office and warehouse be pest-free, and Legacy Pest Control does a great job.

Providing excellent service as a reasonable price, you are truly building a legacy in the pest control industry.


Gaye Johnson
President & Head Basket Case TM


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